You’ve managed to find your way across the wild frontiers of the internet to an obviously awesome home of art and small parrot-y things! This is AuFINCH — said Goldfinch — my freelance & fandom site. If you’re looking to hire an artist (AKA me) for commercial work as a W2 employee, you should actually be over at my professional portfolio site, Onyx Serpent.  Click that link, go there; it’s a lot less silly than here.

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Chat about all the things! Also alerts for news, commissions, streams and other such important things.

PS you can also be alerted for posting of Jules-related content. Cute birds FTW.

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Sometimes art, sometimes games, sometimes cohosted by a small parrot.

Art streams are random days sometime between 10am-6pm PST, games later in the evening. Friday nights are for Pokemon. Follow or join Discord for notifications!

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Just restarting! Will have more preliminary work and Patron-exclusive ramblings as time goes on.

Currently almost all the content is viewable without payment to show what kind of things you’ll receive in the future.

Coming Soon

  • Art gallery
  • Parrot content
  • Plant content
  • If there’s anything else you want to see, bother me on Mastodon