Commission Order Form

Thank you for being interested enough to order a commission! I look forward to doing business with you, but do want to note that you should make sure you’ve reviewed my TOS, as submitting this form means you are agreeing to abide by it. Payment will be requested after I confirm the details of your project and officially accept the project.

NOTE: I’ve had a report that sometimes this form is not submitting. I’m actively trying to fix it but it seems to occur unpredictably. If this is happening for you, please reach out to me on ANY of the social media sites in the header/footer of the page and let me know — I’ll accept a screenshot of it filled out if we have to.

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If I can’t reach you at your primary email, where should I try next?
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Commission Discussion Preference
If Discord is selected, please make sure that you’ve correctly filled out your information in the Backup Contact fields. If you are not a member of the AuFINCH Design Discord server, I will send you an invite to the server and the private thread. I will not discuss details of commissions in other DMs or in multiple places for the same project.
Commission type
Please make sure you’ve reviewed samples and information on my commission list page. If you have any questions about whether something will or will not work well in a particular style, please reach out to me before sending your order form.
Your ideas for what you’re looking for in style, lighting, pose, etc. Feel free to include SFW links if it helps get the point across!
Please note what you think are the most important or most easily overlooked aspects of your character(s). Descriptions for simple characters are ok, but for complex characters, a URL to a SFW visual reference is preferred.
Is there a due date? Are you going to be unavailable for updates at some point? Do you want international paper sizing instead of US? Do you not want your commission potentially streamed on my Twitch channel? Anything else you want me to keep in mind?