The full listing of commissions is below. By ordering a commission listed here, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service. If you’d like something that isn’t listed here or have any questions about my TOS, contact me.

Further examples of my art available on my commercial illustration portfolio & sketchbook.

Latest Update Jun 16, 2024: Revamped quite a few things, removed some that I’ll add back later. Stuff that’s listed now is stuff I’m interested in doing now. You can also now order some of my stuff on Vgen if you prefer.

Please note that all turnaround times listed are that wide because it depends on whether I have any commercial projects or projects with earlier deadlines. If you need something by a specific date, please make sure to mention it in advance!

Simple Digital Paintings

Price: $55
Turnaround Time: 1-10 days

Traditional gone digital! I figured out how to replicate the look of some of my acrylic ink paintings in Procreate, so now you can have one way faster since I don’t have to wait for drying times and making this a fairly fast turnaround item. Looks best on soft, cute things, but can be any subject.

  • Generally full body for creatures/animals, but ccan be bust/halfbody on request.
  • Portrait or landscape orientation either as requested or by artist’s choice.
  • Simple soft shading reminiscent of some traditional water-based medias.
  • Number of sketches to pick between is usually only 1 or 2, these are generally not super dynamic paintings.
  • Done in Procreate, so you get a progress video too.

Speed Paints with Background

Price: $75 bust/half-body, $115 scene/full-body
Turnaround Time: 1-10 days

Whatever you want that’ll fit on a standard piece of 8.5″x11″ (or A4) paper at 300dpi. This will produce a good image if printed at that size, and busts/half-bodies will make great avatars if scaled down, however because of the technique it would be hard to mask these out for use with a transparent background, please expect to use the background included in the image.

Note that this is a roughly-painted image. It will not necessarily be super smooth and sketch lines may be visible. If you do not want to see ANY sketch lines please request a different commission type.

  • Can be bust, half body, or full body with scene at request.
  • Portrait or landscape orientation either as requested or by artist’s choice.
  • Includes background in all sizes.
  • Fully rendered shading, specific lighting types can be requested.
  • Multiple characters also ok, just know the more you want to fit in, the smaller everyone is going to be.
  • For full-body or scenic images, it’s best if it tells a story, even if it’s simple (looking at something with wonder, etc).
  • Number of sketches to pick between is usually only 1 or 2 — I may take extra time to ask questions about the scene to make sure I spend less time sketching and more time painting.

Full Render Paintings

Price: $500+
Turnaround Time: Varies (see note)

If you want something more polished, this is your option. Price listed is for a 8.5×11″ or A4 image, but size can be adjusted on request, just note larger sizes are larger prices. If you’re thinking you’d frame the final image, I’d suggest checking out available frame & mat sizes to confirm what you’d want to use and letting me know so I can plan with that in mind.

Note that due to the scale of the project and details required, if I literally have nothing going on at all, maybe it’ll only be a week or two to complete, but far more likely is it it’ll be 1-3 months as I work around other commissions & commercial projects. If there’s a deadline, let me know at the very beginning as it’s even more important on this project type.

  • Any crop, number or characters or page orientation, it’s limited by the page size.
  • May have an upcharge for especially complex characters or scenes
  • Includes fully rendered background with rendered lighting as well.
  • No sketchy lines visible, all are painted and polished to a final I’d consider publication worthy.
  • Highly suggest that it be a story-related image!
  • Can print and/or mat image for framing and ship it for an additional cost.

Custom Cutie Characters

Price: $50 unique, $30 if templatized
Turnaround Time: 3-5 days

Seen my YCH images? Wishing I did custom ones or some species I just haven’t had time to do yet? Maybe a different pose? Oh hey, guess what, here’s your chance! This can be one of two things: a fully custom images for you to have all to yourself, or you’re the one responsible for helping me design a YCH for certain common character types.

  • Designed for animals & creatures. Robots may or may not work. Have not tested on humans.
  • Simplified anatomy, markings, props, and any costuming. If you want intense detail, this is not the commission type for you.
  • Faux-pencil line art and painterly colors, simple shading with mostly soft edges. Note that in general I draw these with pupil-less eyes.
  • Pick your pose or let me know what attitude you want them to have!
  • Discount available if you have a common type of char (like a fox, or maybe a wolf with wings or something) and allow me to turn this style into an additional YCH template, which like my other YCH images, currently have an unlimited cap for usage — you’re the one who gets to pick the pose and stuff though!

YCH Images

Exact options may vary — currently it’s a variety of cute wolf images. All unlimited slot YCH images are via Ko-Fi.