Projects going in to 2024

One of my ongoing problems with creative things in general is just having too many ideas that I would love to complete at some point, ranging the full gambit from a single 3d sculpt or a one-off four-panel comic making fun of some story element in a video game, to something I can’t even comprehend the full scale of like revisiting some old comic ideas that have grown in size to to be I don’t even want to know how many pages needed to finish telling the story.

Even then, I kind of feel the need to sit back and think about whether it’s a good time to actually work on said projects based on what’s going on in the world at large. It’s probably not a good time to tell a story about a group of mercenaries, no matter how much I adore the main characters. And one of the comics I’m most eager to revisit — a story about some aristocratic politicians that have a tendency to murder each other — might be fine in some spaces but honestly it’d probably be best to wait another couple years in hopes that some of modern folks in politics might relocate their common sense. I figure by then it’ll either be time for some outright satire or back to just being a mean fantasy world and I can adjust as needed.

So what does that leave me with? Well, pretty much stuff that is lighthearted and relatively welcoming. If people are being jerks in the real world, they get booted out of fantasy land. I’ve sort of got two things lined up for that, neither of which has a proper title, so consider them Bird School for Birds and Space Wizards. So, goofy childish fun but with birds, and space exploration where your enemy is the local environment and/or flora and fauna as opposed to another person — and I think in either, learning and exploration is kind of a key thing in both.

We’ll see what happens as 2024 starts up and rolls along!